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Our Mission

It’s a big world out there

Ground Control helps travel startups build powerful relationships with the more traditional part of the industry. Going beyond OTAs and airlines, Ground Control brings together professionals from package tour companies, TMCs, tour operators, bed banks and just about anyone else.

Bringing together excellent, like-minded people, with a purpose

A community of 200-300 travel industry experts gathered via an AngelList syndicate who seek to bridge the gap between travel tech startups and the traditional side of the industry through building a community of travel industry insiders.

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An Investment Syndicate

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A Community of Travel Industry Insiders

Join our member-only Slack channel and network with other travel industry leaders.

Build camaraderie and exchange ideas that will help you close major deals.

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Our Podcast

Learn and connect with the best travel & technology entrepreneurs

Once every two weeks, David Litwak & Kevin May record a podcast with notable travel industry entrepreneurs.
Members will be invited to the live recording and post recording roundtable where they will have the chance to ask questions in an intimate environment

Future shows:

Rami A. Zeidan,
Founder & CEO @Life House

Wednesday, 22nd January, 4 pm EST

Greg O’Hara
Founder & Senior Managing Director @Certares Management

Monday, 11th January, 10 am EST

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